“Pink White Blue Green” Review in Wildy’s World

Pink White Blue Green, featuring intelligent and melodic folk tunes with tight harmonies, is bound to gain Starnes & Shah critical attention. If you can imagine Neil Young crossed with the Indigo Girls you have a vague idea of what Starnes&Shah are about musically.

Starnes&Shah have a very unique sound in their harmonies. They don’t blend exactly; it’s more like their voices co-exist in harmonious fashion, yet both remain materially distinct. The result is harmony with just a hint of tension that’s always beneath the surface. …The sound is edgy and raw and full of the bare character of both performers. ‘Leave Sonny’ is the absolute highlight of the disc; an archetype of that raw and unrepentant sound that makes Starnes&Shah who they are. The songwriting here is exceptional; it’s one of those songs you can imagine other artists finding and wanting to record for themselves. The second half of the CD is much tamer, and consequently lost me a bit. Other highlights include ‘Half Hitch,’ ‘Rocket Science’ and ‘Precious Face And Familiar Bride.’

Pink White Blue Green is uneven and gets a little lost for much of its second half, but the first five tracks here are as interesting and enjoyable as anything you’re likely to find in folk/pop music. Starnes*Shah have an amazing vocal harmony sound that sounds nearly as competitive as it is complementary. The tension they create in coming together adds an extra spice to the songs on Pink White Blue Green and causes intrigue in listeners. Starnes&Shah are definitely worth spending a little time getting to know.”
Wildy’s World